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What Is Click Heat Dynamo?

Click Heat Dynamo is the complete WordPress Click Heat Map Plugin solution available. Click Heat Dynamo is a game changer and is a must have in every WordPress users arsenal of Plugins. Can you imagine being able to Visualize Your Visitors every click in real time using a detailed click heat map overlay showing you what’s HOT and what’s NOT on your WordPress powered site. Then being able to use this information to Optimize Your Webpage’s to increase your conversion rates and improve your users experience on your site.

Now you can see your visitor’s clicks with pixel perfect precision. Click Heat Dynamo will help you optimize your Word Press site. It takes just a matter of seconds to install, and then you can start to watch all of your visitors clicks compile together on the heat map overlay. You will be able to study their habits and find out what distracts your visitors and what makes them convert.

Click Heat Dynamo is cost effective and simple to use with absolutely No Code Required. You will be able to increase the number of visitors to your website once you know what they are clicking on and how they interact with your site. This will help you learn how to keep visitors engaged and control how they interact with your site to improve sales. Click Heat Dynamo will be one of the best investments that you have made for your business in a long time.

Click Heat Dynamo also comes with the Weekly Reports feature, which allows you to “set it and forget it”, allow your clicks to build up over time to get the best idea and receive weekly e-mail reports with your visitors click activity over the past week or month. When you have enough click data you can log in to Click Heat Dynamo and Filter Data based on a number of factors including: date range, browser, post category, window width and visitors who clicked through to a certain targeted page.

See our Features page for more details or go hands on with the Free Online Demo. Just enter your name and email address above to take the test drive.

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